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  • Checkout.com Payment Gateway

    Checkout.com - Process debit and credit card payments online, anywhere and access local payment methods through global payments platform. This gateway is a form of payment on the checkout.com side.

    Checkout.com Gateway cover

    To connect the gateway, you need to create a seller account on the site: https://www.checkout.com/get-test-account. Then you can enter to your dashboard.

    Checkout.com merchant dashboard

    Getting the keys

    Once you have accessed the dashboard, you must create new API keys. Go to the menu Developers > Keys and click to Create new key button:

    • Type of key: Public API key
    • Allow any processing channel: No
    • Manually select your channel

    Follow the same steps to create a private key.

    Webhook setup

    To install the webhook go to https://dashboard.sandbox.checkout.com/settings/notifications. Click o button + New Notification:

    • Enter any name.
    • Event selection: Gateway > Payment Approved.
    • Webhook url: https://community/index.php?app=checkoutcom&module=webhook&controller=webhook
    • Authorization header Key: Generate key
    • Signature Key: Generate key

    Gateway setup

    Install the Checkout.com Payment Gateway app from market. 

    Go to the ACP menu > Commerce > Payments > Settings > Payment Methods tab > Create new button and select Checkout.com. Fill the form with the data created earlier in the steps above.

    The payment form looks like this:

    Payment form

    Kirill Gromov

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