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Optimization and promotion of communities

We will improve the performance of your community and increase its position in search results!
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SEO optimization of communities

We have been involved in communities on Invision Community for a long time, including promotion and optimization for search engines. Previously, we applied our experience and knowledge exclusively on our own projects and the projects of our regular clients. Now you can order promotion of your community from us!

1. We study current indicators To start promoting your community, we need to determine the current indicators and keys by which it is found in search engines.
2. We identify goals and objectives We formulate a promotion roadmap taking into account the goals and objectives that we want to achieve in the end and what tools will be used.
3. Optimizing HTML We optimize the HTML structure of documents using validators and error checkers. We edit JSON-LD semantic markup to comply with the latest machine code standards.
4. Filling with content We form the semantic core of the community by searching for low-frequency keywords and interesting thematic discussions to attract users. We publish content, creating activity in the community.
5. Implementing modern tools We have developed several SEO tools for Invision Community, including integration with Yandex.Webmaster, Turbo pages, PageSpeed Insights and others.
6. Developing design and UI interface We make adjustments to the convenience of the user UI and design in general. Let us help your community gain its own unique identity and cool design.
7. We provide recommendations for further growth We advise you on the further proper development of your community, what tools and techniques should be used and how to generally track the dynamics of progress.

Promotion results

Improving the community's visibility in search engines
Increased traffic and user engagement
Improving SEO indicators: time on site, browsing depth
Increase conversions or subscription sales
Reducing duplicate content and meta tag issues
Website optimization for all devices

Get in touch

If you have any questions, write to us, we will answer as soon as possible and advise on all questions.

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