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    To receive Telegram notifications from your Invision community, you must have the Telegram Notifications app installed. Telegram notifications are sent from a bot, so you need to create one.

    Step 1 - Creating a bot in Telegram

    In the Telegram client, find the BotFather bot and send it the "/start" command, after which the bot will send you all possible commands to communicate with it. To create a new bot, you need send the "/newbot" command, then follow the further instructions and provide a name/title. After creating the bot, you will be shown the string "Use this token to access the HTTP API": This is what you need to specify in the settings in the ACP > Community > Telegram > Settings API token of your Telegram bot.

    Installing a webhook

    In order for the bot to send notifications, you need to set up a webhook. To do this, compose a URL address and navigate to it in a browser:

    WARNING: this url must be encoded (url encode online in google.com).


    After that, the following information should be displayed on the screen:

    {"ok":true,"result":true,"description":"Webhook was set"}

    Notification settings

    Notification options are enabled in the app, but not activated for all users at once. Therefore, you can make each notification event not as a suggested option, but enabled by default for all users.

    Each user will receive a notification in Telegram if two conditions are met:

    Enabled option in notifications settings (/notifications/options/).
    The user's nickname is specified in "Your nickname in Telegram" on the same page.

    Setup completed!

    Kirill Gromov

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