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  • Verification via ShuftiPro

    ShuftiPro - Real-time Identity Verification KYC, AML and KYB. You can verify users registered in your community through the service ShuftiPro.com. You need to access the control panel from the link https://shuftipro.com/try-now/

    You need to purchase the Verification app for Invision Community, install it and make the following settings:

    Community setting

    Go to ACP > System > Verification > Settings and select Verification type - Shufti Pro. Fill in the fields:

    Shufti Pro Client ID, Shufti Pro Secret Key and Shufti Pro Description, on the Access tab, select the groups that will have access to the verification process. Save your settings.

    API settings on ShuftiPro

    Getting data for the connection with shuftipro.com

    Login to the backoffice portal - https://backoffice.shuftipro.com/dashboard and go to menu Settings > API Keys and copy Client ID and Current Secret Key, then paste the copied data into the Verification app settings. After that, the user will be able to pass verification from their settings:

    Verification area from member settings

    The verification process looks like this:

    Verification language selecting

    Verification process

    Verification passed

    Kirill Gromov

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