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  • Verification via Sumsub.com

    Sumsub.com - a seamless solution for onboarding any number of users worldwide, powered by a verification engine that supports IDs from 220+ countries and territories. You can verify users registered in your community through the service Sumsub.com. You need to go through the registration process to gain access to the control panel from the link https://cockpit.sumsub.com/checkus#/signUp

    You need to purchase the Verification app for Invision Community, install it and make the following settings:

    After saving the settings, the user will be able to pass verification in the profile settings, the process looks like this:

    SumSub select documentSumSub uploading documentSumSub verified



    Webhook setting up

    Go to page https://cockpit.sumsub.com/checkus#/devSpace/webhooks and click to the button Create webhook:

    • Receiver: HTTP address
    • Target: https://YOURCOMMUNITY/?app=verification&module=request&controller=sumsub
    • Type: select all types
    • Active: Yes

    Save the webhook! Setup completed!

    Kirill Gromov


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