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Wise Payment Gateway

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I've tried all the popular paymaants gateways, but as a freelancer or for donations I've had no luck:

-Stripe is perfect, but if you don't have a company then after a month you can't use it anymore.

-Revolut gateway works only for company. Nada API for Revolut Pro or regular Revolut.

-NOWPaymetns have a minumum of 15 euro, can sent 5 euro.

-Binance probably needs to be updated, the first time on a transaction I got approved 8 times. Now it doesn't approve, I have to approve manually. (you have my screens on Teelgram, mby help you to see whats wrong)


But I found the best gateway, it's called Wise and it has API and works well with low fees. 




I would definitely buy it when it's ready ! Please add it.





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